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Aromatic Bitters

These cocktail bitters passionately contain no flavourings, colours or sugar. Just Plants. They are slow infused in small batches in Lismore, Northern NSW.

Use Aromatic Bitters as you would any commercial bitters in a Lemon, Lime & Bitters, a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned. Where traditional recipes call for a dash - use 10 drops of Pyewackets Traditional Aromatic Bitters. 

Also delicious as a refreshing non-alcoholic* herbal digestive - add 20 drops to a 200ml glass of bubbly or still water. If you are feeling you need a little extra, top it off with a shot of your favourite vodka or gin for a sugar free cocktail.  

Sugar free. Bitter and delicious. 

* Just a heads up, these bitters are made the traditional way - steeped in organic alcohol for a long time - they come out at 45% abv. We suggest using 0.5ml to 1ml in your drinks (one sixtieth to one thirtieth of a standard drink) but if you’re allergic to alcohol, or just curious - yes, bitters contain alcohol.

Whilst some bitters do contain sugar or sweeteners, these does not.