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Galah Issue 4 - Preorder

Galah Issue 4 is now open for Pre-Order.  Issue 4 is all about water. There are some really interesting pieces from Gabrielle Chan, author of the newly released ‘Why You Should Give a F*ck about Farming’ and Richard Beasley, author of the book ‘Dead in the Water’, about his experience acting as Counsel Assisting the SA Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin Plan.  We’re also chatting to Dick Smith and others about the ancient art of Water Divining and we learn about the future of the seaweed industry. We head as far north as the Daintree and the Great Barrier Reef, across to WA and then right down south to Tasmania and Flinders Island. Issue 4 will be brimming with stories and beautiful images from all around Australia. And still no advertising.

Free shipping currently available for pre-orders.

The on sale date is 22 November 2021.