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Ironclad Lil' Legacy Pan

Made with the highest grade of recycled iron, the Lil’ Legacy has been designed to withstand at least 100 years of daily use. 

All Ironclad Cookware arrives fresh from the foundry unseasoned - unseasoned means no chemicals, dyes or enamels where they shouldn't be. Better for you and the planet.

  • Weight - approximately one small head of cauliflower
  • 1.9kg Single Mould Pour
  • High-Grade T230 Recycled Iron
  • 200mm Diameter at the top edge / 180mm at cooking base (single meal/sauce pan)
  • 45mm High Sides
  • Hangable Ergonomic Handle
  • Dual Serving Lips
  • Comes with Use & Care Instructions, Seasoning Balm and Cotton Storage Bag