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Galah Issue 2

Issue 2 is all about the Domestic, a topic I find genuinely perplexing. Sometimes I wonder if not having to look at unfolded washing is the secret upside of death. Nora Ephron said it was not having to worry about your hair, but I’ve already given up on that.

Issue 2 has 160 beautiful pages - completely free of ads - of stories from all over regional Australia collected in an attempt to make sense of domestic life.

We talk to artists, farmers, architects and communities. We visit a rugged island off the Tassie coast, a fig farm in South Australia’s Riverland and a farmhouse whose walls are decorated with hand-painted waratahs and vegetables, thanks to its owner, chef Sean Moran. We hear from the Betoota Advocate and stylist Megan Morton and our regular book columnist, author Meg Mason. And there is so much more.

Cover by Clancy Paine.

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