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SPECIAL: Galah Issues 4 & 5

A special discount if you order Issues 4 and 5 together. A great gift idea. If you would like them to be sent to a friend, simply select the Gift option at the cart. 

This bundle will be posted from 18 April 2022. 


Issue 4 is all about water. There are some really interesting pieces from Gabrielle Chan, author of the newly released ‘Why You Should Give a F*ck about Farming’ and Richard Beasley, author of the book ‘Dead in the Water’, about his experience acting as Counsel Assisting the SA Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin Plan.  We learn about the future of the seaweed industry. We head as far north as the Daintree and the Great Barrier Reef, across to WA and then right down south to Tasmania and Flinders Island. Issue 4 is brimming with stories and beautiful images from all around Australia. 

In Issue 5 we explore the issue’s perennially interesting theme: Make Australia Make Again. It’s not about nostalgia, or an extreme craft-based political movement (although I could be down for that).  Instead, we ask questions like ‘what can we make today?’ ‘What will serve us?’ And, perhaps most importantly, ‘what will satisfy us?’ We sit down with manufacturers, artists and economists, with saddlers and woodworkers and cooks. We quit the office, we visit a town as it reverses it’s boom-to-bust past. We watch millions of dollars pour into the arts across regional Australia. We meet a woman who thinks nothing of hand stitching a quilt for six months, we visit an artist in a banana packing shed, we deck out an old train carriage with modern Australian fabrics. We fall in love over persimmons and we make a garden from scratch. Our regulars Meg Mason, Gabrielle Chan, Fiona Bateman, Mark McGinness and Aunty Maude are joined by a new kid on the block .. a seasoned regional GP, who sends dispatches from his remote posts. He describes himself as grumpy but his letters are full of love. Make a beeline for this issue celebrating all things regional Australia.